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Love G’s hair products! I use must grow and the kids fruit juice tonic for my two girls. Since I have been using The kids fruit juice tonic I’ve seen a lot  of growth. Her hair is now thick and long! There also has been a lot less breakage and dandruff”

United Kingdom

“I have my own small business, and use Must Grow for many of my clients.  It is light in texture and grows hair,  I use it before installing  extensions on the scalp and hair itself.  The results are amazing. My clients have ordered Must Grow over and over again. I also use the Black Seed & Ginger Shampoo for all my clients.

Ms G 
United Kingdom

I use the Fruit Juice Mist and Shampoo, as well as the Black Castor & Hemp Oil Mist.  My hair is now stronger and longer.  My whole family use the products especially the Fruit Juice products”

Mr B. 
United Kingdom

“I have been using the Black Seed & Hemp Oil for a while now and I love it!  After having the big chop, its been my go to product and I’ve seen a substantial amount of growth especially around my edges – as it was starting to receed due to stress on my  hair line ”

Miss H.
United Kingdom

“I’ve been using Must Grow Hair Tonic for over forty years now.  It’s really good value and does what is says.  I’ve used this product since my childhood and still use it today.  It keeps my scalp really moist and at the same time treats my hair without weighing it down.  I highly recommend this product.”

Mrs Walker 
United Kingdom

“This was referred to me by anther family member. I was sceptical at first that these products would work for my Locs as I had come across other not so great products in the past. But G’s Hair Beauty is a real hair beauty supplier who I can tell takes extreme care with the products they produce. Immediately as I started to use the Black Seed Hemp and also the Oil spray, within a month my hair grew frantically, I was shocked. I now have to manage how much I spray on my locs before it needs re twisting . It has made my hair stronger and much more healthier. I would recommend G’s Hair Beauty Products to all women who wish to manage their natural hair.!!”

United Kingdom

“So in love  with MUST GROW.  The texture is so lovely!  I can see a huge change in how my hair feels after using it.  Love it! –  It does exactly what it says”

Dea Sue 
Dudley, United Kingdom

“This is what I loved about G’s Hair Beauty Products, the scent is important and texture (very light not heavy). When I used “Must Grow Original and Must Grow Fruit Juice” my hair felt different and it helped strengthen my hair. I used to walk around with the “Oil Mist Castor & Hemp” because I like the way it made my hair feel. 

Rosann Martin
Georgia, USA

“’I have suffered with severe alopecia in the past and underwent medical treatments which affected my hair growth and strength. From the very first time I began using products from the Fruit Juice range, I noticed a difference. My hair is growing and is stronger than ever. I am an extremely happy customer and tell everyone who asks what products I use for my hair.’
Thanks again for the amazing products.”

Ms R

“I’ve been using g’s products for over a year now and I wouldn’t recommend any other product all organic and actual results I was having issues with dandruff and dry scalp, it didn’t help that my hair was dry too until I starting using g’s first with the fruit range shampoo, pomade and conditioner and have now started using the hairline which has improved my scalp condition highly and I’m getting a lot less dandruff and for the first time in a while moisture has been restored to my hair”

United Kingdom

G’s Must Grow hair pomade has been my transition go to which leaves my hair feeling extremely moisturized.  The results for me has been instantaneous. Thank you G’s Hair Beauty.

Yolande Pendley
California USA

G’s Hair Beauty has been a stable hair product in our family for many years.  It has kept our hair soft and moisturised with a good shine and prevented breakage.

I still use Must Grow and I am happy with the results. 

United Kingdom

I have been using G’s Hair Products for over ten years. I would recommend Must Grow Hair Tonic to anyone who is experiencing thinning or problems with growing their hair.  My daughter used this product and it grew her hair down to her back.  I am now living in Jamaica and still use the product range.
I now distribute products in J
amaica, if you would like to know more, please contact G’s Hair Beauty Products

Miss K 

I just wanted to let you know that must grow hair tonic is the best hair grease i have ever used !!! I’m really happy with the product! 

I am a hairdresser in the Wednesbury area at Kems Unisex Hair Salon an I also I find that  it’s long lasting and still be able for feel the grease after 6 weeks of braids being in. 

I found this product before the whole range came out and I’m very proud of all the range you have!! Looking forward to trying out your new products!!! 
From chanyboosbraidz 
(insta and fb )

Ms Fargo
West Midlands

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