Our Story

The Original Founder and Manufacturer

Between 1948 and 1970, nearly half a million people moved from the Caribbean to Britain, known as the 'Windrush Scandal'. Malcus Grandston was one of these individuals travelling from St Catherine on the beautiful island of Jamaica - it took six months to travel by ship.
Hailing from humble beginnings, his suitcase was light, but his vision and ambition were large. Having already studied Business and Commerce at 'Bennetts College' in Kingston, Jamaica, he secured work as a Sales Representative for a local manufacturing company.
Malcus's first few months in England resulted in him working in several different roles. He worked long hours to support his wife and young children alongside studying accounting, chemistry and shorthand. He relied on his wife, the community within his church and, more importantly, his relationship with God.
Working within different roles, Malcus later decided that his destiny lay elsewhere.
Malcus was very much a peoples person. He engaged, studied and researched, frequently soaking up new and inspiring information. Ultimately this approach led him to develop the 'Must Grow' formula, a product that filled a needed gap for those within the black community. Malcus and his wife Marjorie worked as a team to continue the success of MUST GROW. A legacy continued by his progeny, with Marjorie, her daughter and grandchildren being very much part of the story.


Malchus Grandston 1924 - 1987