The Original Founder and Manufacturer

The family originally hailed from the east coast of Africa, exactly where we are still researching as unfortunately no-one kept records in those dark days of enforced migration. In the early 1960s Malcus travelled from St Catherine, on the beautiful island of Jamaica, to England. Hailing from humble beginnings his suitcase was light but his vision and ambitions were extremely large. So suitably imbued with focus, determination and drive he strove to make a positive impact on his community, and continually worked to share his visions with all communities in the UK and further afield.

Back in those days, many people travelled by ship. It took Malcus six months to reach his destination – but it was worth it. Having already studied Business and Commerce at Bennetts College in Kingston Jamaica, he secured work as a Sales Representative for a local manufacturing company.

Once arriving in England, he worked hard in several different roles to ensure he would ultimately deliver. He worked long hours to support his wife and young children, alongside studying Accounting, Business and Chemistry. He relied on his Wife, the community within his church and more importantly his own personal relationship with God.

He later decided that his destiny lay elsewhere.

People’s person

Malcus was very much a people’s person, engaging, soaking-up information and continuously studying and researching. Ultimately, this approach was to lead him to develop the Must Grow formula, a product that filled a needed gap for all those who’d made a similar journey to help the post WW2 recovery in Europe. Both Malcus and his wife Marjorie worked as a team to continue the success of MUST GROW a legacy continued by his progeny, Madge still being very much part of the story.


There are lots of good products out in the market place, however very few have stood the test of time and remained as popular and as relevant as Must Grow. The important thing about choosing any hair product is researching its benefits, which will stand you in good stead for selecting the one that’s right for you.

Must Grow is a well-established proven hair product designed with black hair in mind. Designed to stimulate growth from the root, the product is the creation of Malcus Grandston who had the vision of making good hair growth easily accessible to millions of women of all origin.

We at Must Grow Ltd. continue to fully embrace Malcus and Madge’s positive approach to society, we are one people.

A great team and inspiration