Oils we love to love

 – is extracted from the Nigella Sativa plant which grows in Asia, Middle East and parts of Europe. It is an exceptional extract and is no doubt one of G’s Hair Beauty’s favourite oils. Well known as the oil that will cure everything except death it is also identified using the names black onion, black cumin, black caraway and kalonji. 

The B-vitamins contained in it are great for hair growth – aiding to improve blood circulation around the scalp. Omega’s 6 and 3 help to improve elasticity and the condition of the scalp

BLACK CASTOR – the pigment in Black Castor Oil is produced from the ash left behind after roasting the castor beans. They are then ground and boiled. This process of fine tuning the method for extracting nutrients started in Jamaica but fundamentally originated in Africa, probably Egypt.

Roasting increases magnesium and zinc levels making it great for hair growth

GINGER  – believed to be first used by the Austronesian nation. Ginger originated in Southeast Asia and is also native to Africa and the West Indies

Promotes hair growth, prevents growth of yeast and is a “natural” antiseptic. This seed creates a healthy scalp environment, prevents dry/itchy scalp. The seed also improves the blood circulation around the scalp.

TEA TREE – the explorer who discovered Australia in 1775, Captain James Cook, was the first to name Tea Tree oil. Known as Melaleuca, Tea Tree Oil is native to the Northeast coast of New South Wales / Australia and Southeast Queensland.

Moisturises hair and creates a healthy environment for the scalp 

APRICOT – originating in Western Asia the kernels are pulverised to extract the oil.
Rich in Oleic Acid (Omega Acid) reduces scalp dryness and is an excellent emollient for hair. Similar to Almond and Peach oil, the kernels have an oil output of 40-50%.

PEACH – cultivation began in the Neolithic period and is thought to have originated in China. This kernels oil is rich in linoleic acid which is a cell membrane component. It translates to Omega’s-3 and 6 fatty acids.

An extremely light oil, helps to define natural hair patterns, conditions hair and prevents breakage. Protects hair from sun and harsh weather.

JOJOBA – native to southern Arizona, Southern California, and North Western Mexico. 
Native Americans discovered the importance and versatility of jojoba. They would heat jojoba seeds to soften them, crush them and use as a salve to apply to the skin and hair for healing and conditioning. The jojoba plant is dioecious.

Rejuvenates weak hair follicles and helps regrowth, also increases hair silkiness.

ARGAN – a precious oil which is indigenous to the Atlas mountain area of Morocco and is an important part of their eco-system being used in food as well as on the skin
Rich in vitamin E with excellent moisturising properties, also combats dandruff. Aids hair elasticity and consistent shine to dull lifeless hair.

WATERMELON – (Ootanga-Kalahari) – Watermelons have been around for approximately 5000 yrs. The oil is produced by drying and pressing the seeds and is popular in West Africa where it is known as Ootanga or Kalahari Oil. 

Prevents hair loss, promotes growth and improves elasticity in the hair.