Your Hair Type

There are so many types of hair. It can be daunting trying to figure out which hair type you have and how to manage it.

Hair types tend to be divided into different classifications. To help you define your hair type – there are four classifications. These classifications describe the shape of the Curl (Type 1, 2, 3 and 4) . It is important to note that each category have three subcategories, those being A, B and C – these letters describe how tight the curls are.

Class 1 – Straight Hair

This is known as Type 1.  This type of hair has no kinks or coils present throughout the hair shaft and can be very resilient and difficult to hold curls.  Straight hair tends to get greasy because of these as there are no kinks or coil to prevent oil from the scalp moving down the hair shaft.

Avoid heavy oils, find a nice balance. Take care to not wash your hair too often as this causes the scalp to produce even more oils to compensate.

Class 2 – Wavy Hair

This is known as Type 2. This hair type can sometimes be mistaken for curly hair; however, it is somewhat a mix between straight and curly hair with “S” shape curl pattern. Hair can tend to be frizzy but looking at the sub categories, type 2a hair is more manageable than type 2b and 2c hair as it is finer and its curls are not as tight. 2b tends to be thicker than 2a hair and 2c can appear to be coarse. Using creams and gels on the hair may be a little heavy and result in weighing the hair down.

Class 3 – Curly Hair

This is known as Type 3. This hair type has a curly hair pattern.  The “S” shape of curly hair is very defined and can also look like a Z shape or can even have coils and spirals. There can be a lot of body to this hair and is easy to become frizzy, also making it prone to damage.

Oils find it harder to travel down the shaft, in turn making it easier for the hair to dry out. Keeping this type of hair moisturised is key especially if you have type 3b and 3c hair as the coils become tighter.

However, ensure the products you use are not too heavy to avoid dragging down your curls. Try not to wash your hair too often, once a week should be sufficient as too much washing will cause the hair to dry out. Remember to pay attention to the ends!

Class 4 – Kinky and Coily Hair

This is known as Type 4 hair.  This type has very tight curls or coils and is extremely vulnerable to breakage. When washing, drying or combing this type of hair, ensure you are delicate! It is very important to keep Type 4 well moisturised. This hair type is prone to vast shrinkage after washing, especially 4c Type.

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