Hair Porosity

You learned all about Hair Types, now lets talk a little about your Hair’s Porosity.

Knowing your hair’s curl pattern is important, it also very important to realise your hairs porosity.

Porosity of the hair refers to how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. The cuticle which is the outer layer of the hair determines this as it depends on how flat the cuticle layers lie and how many gaps and holes there are. This is ideal for knowing what products best suit your hair. The level of porosity tends to fall into 3 categories; low, medium and high.

LOW POROSITY hair finds it hard to absorb moisture as the cuticle layers overlap and lay flat. However once moisture is achieved it is hard to lose it. Using heavy oils and cream will not help to penetrate the hair and will only sit on top of it, therefore the use of lighter oils or liquid based oils is recommended by MUST GROW.

MEDIUM POROSITY hair porosity hair is normally considered to be good hair as it does not release or keep too much moisture and tends to be able to keep styles well. This type of hair won’t always need treatments and heavy cream and oils can be used however it would be best not to use them often.

HIGH POROSITY hair absorbs moisture quickly, but equally loses it just as quickly. This is due to the gaps and holes in the cuticle. Hair can look dull and dry, can be frizzy and hair dries quickly. We recommend Must Grow Ginger & Lemon Moisturiser to help create a barrier that prevents moisture loss and protect damaged hair.