Hair Loss

When hair follicles die, hair growth stops completely.  In order to establish whether hair follicles are still active just take a look at your scalp.

If hair follicles do not get enough nourishment, or if they are stressed over a long period of time with tight cornrows, extensions, tight hats or hair bands and indeed weaves – unfortunately they will most likely die.

However, Must Grow have good news! When the hair line thins out or disappears completely, it does not necessarily mean the follicles are “dead” they simply go into a “resting phase “and new growth temporarily ceases.

Be mindful, if you see hair on your hair line no matter how sparse, thin, or short – your hair follicles are still alive and will grow.  In order to achieve growth, hair routines and styles must be adjusted–cease to put tension on your hair line and use the correct product.

In addition, afro hair types are commonly damaged when using “heavy” products. Tight cornrows, braiding and weaving or the regular use of wigs can damage your hair line.  Pulling hair back extremely tight will also add stress to the hair line.

To avoid damaging your hair line braids should always be installed correctly.  Braids and cornrows should not put any stress on the hair line.  In addition, wigs should not be “tight”.  Regular breaks in between installations and wearing wigs should also be taken and hair treated.

Our products promote growth, creates a healthy scalp environment, blood circulation is improved and for those who have excessive dandruff and dry itchy scalps, we provide products with natural antiseptics.

Our oils are sourced from the country of their origin and uniquely blended.

Benefits for Hair & Health


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