All about Shea Butter

All about Shea Butter

Why Shea Butter is Excellent for your Hair

Our new range, Hair Food, is Shea Butter Based - and each and everyone includes specific hair oils to combat your needs. 

So, today we will be talking about why the base of Hair Food - Shea Butter, is a Must Grow must for your hair! 

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is the fat extracted from the nuts of shea trees & ours is explicitly from Ghana. 

What it does:

Okay, the juicy bits, Shea Butter is FULL of fatty acids and vitamins that will HYDRATE HYDRATE AND HYDRATE your hair. The emoliating qualities within shea butter lock in the moisture without leaving a heavy, greasy look on your hair.

The anti-inflammatory qualities as well as the fatty acids we just spoke about help treat the scalp and hair at the same time as providing moisture. So, in turn, you’ll be getting strengthened hair follicles - which reduces hair loss and thicker hair growth. 

Not only Shea butter is also a natural protectant, but the small amount of SPF within Shea Butter also serves as a protective barrier to heat.

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